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COMING  SOON –  NRCS Soil Testing Code 216 Package


 Soil Organic Carbon by Dry Combustion (SOC)

  Wet Aggregate Stability

 Respiration using 4-day Incubation

 Active Carbon by Permanganate Oxidation (POXC)

 Bioavailable Nitrogen as Citrate Extractable Protein

45 Years of Excellence

American Agricultural Laboratory has received the Champion of Business Award from the Nebraska Business Development Center

Welcome to American Agricultural Laboratory!

The primary function of American Agricultural Laboratory since its beginning in 1976 in Nebraska, (as Olsen’s Laboratory) has been to provide quality analytical services to the agricultural community.

Services include analysis of soil, plant tissue (petiole and leaf), nematodes, feed, fertilizer, water, manure, wastewater, heavy metals and seed germination testing.

The laboratory has developed its own Internet Client Software for ease and speed of data delivery.

The area served by American Agricultural Laboratory is both national and international.

Our laboratory is one of only two private Nebraska labs certified by DHHS for the analysis of Coliform Bacteria/E. coli and nitrate-N in public drinking water. Our laboratory also participates in many quality control check sample programs.

45 Years, A Look Back

Soil Testing Methods You Get What You Pay For
Selecting a Reliable Soil Testing Lab

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Nematode Packaging Instructions

All nematode samples originating outside Nebraska are considered regulated and require a USDA/APHIS permit from the lab, along with
special packaging instructions

Domestic Regulated Samples
Water Quality Interpretation Tool
Solvita and Soil Health
National Hay Association Seal of Integrity
National Hay Association Seal of Integrity