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All nematode samples originating outside Nebraska are considered regulated and require a USDA/APHIS permit from the lab, along with special packaging instructions

SOIL NEMATODE PACKAGING & SHIPPING Requirements USDA-APHIS Regulated Permit Number P526P-19-0053

Expires 01/31/2022


The following packaging and shipping requirements apply to all soil and plant material originating outside Nebraska that are sent for the purpose of nematodes analysis:


1. Soil nematode samples must be shipped by themselves.

a) No other test or sample type can be packaged with the nematode samples.


2. Each sample must be placed into a poly-lined soil bag.

a) The bag should be close securely to prevent sample loss.

b) If using cloth sample bags they must be placed in a secondary zip-lock.

c) Each sample must not weigh more than 1 pound.

d) Poly-lined bags with bright colored “Regulated Nematode” labels can be provided by the laboratory.


3. Shipping box/container must have an inner lining consisting of a plastic bag which contains a paper towel or another absorbent material.

a) The filled sample bags must then be placed into the plastic bag liner.

b) The plastic bag liner must be securely closed to prevent loss of sample should the sample bag rupture.

c) Any dead space in the box must be filled with packing to prevent shifting of the samples within the shipping box. Tape the box up well.

d) The shipping box must have a “Regulated Material” sticker placed on the box. These labels can be provided by the laboratory along with all other supplies needed for the secure transport of nematode samples.


4. The shipping label must be addressed precisely to: Kevin Grooms, American Agricultural Lab, 700 West D Street, McCook, NE 69001. If preaddressed or UPS/ARS labels are used, write “Attn Kevin Grooms” on the label.


5. Samples may now be delivered by you to the lab, as long they are securely packaged, and you have a copy of the permit in with the samples.


6. A copy of the permit in its entirety, must be included in each box (‘Permit to Move Live Plant Pests, Noxious Weeds, and Soil’ Number P526P-19-00532.

a) A copy of the permit will be provided upon requests. The permit can then be photocopied and used until the expiry date of 01/31/2022.


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