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Domestic Regulated Samples


USDA-APHIS Requirements 7 CFR330, PPQ 525 Soil Permit


The following packaging and shipping criteria apply only to soil samples that originate from within Quarantined counties of the United States that are being shipped to the lab for the purpose of chemical analysis:


1. Soil samples for nematode analysis are not covered by this permit. Visit instructions on shipping samples for nematode analysis and contact the lab for a nematode permit.

2. Samples should be collected in a matter as to avoid foreign matter or debris, plant and plant parts including noxious weeds and organisms such as fire ants.

3. Visit the USDA/APHIS website for a list of quarantined areas within the US.

4. Each shipment should contain a submittal form or chain of custody identifying the samples, the testing required, and the county and state of origination.

5. Each shipment must contain in the underlying packaging, the address and other information to direct it to its final destination.

6. Each sample must be placed into a sturdy, leak proof container. Examples of these are: a) American Ag Lab’s poly lined soil bag with the wire closure to prevent loss of sample b) If using cloth sample bags they must be placed in a secondary zip-lock freezer bag. c) A container with a screw on lid is also acceptable.

7. Shipping boxes must have an inner lining consisting of a plastic bag which contains a paper towel or other absorbent material. The filled soil containers are then placed into the plastic bag, box liner.

8. The plastic bag must be securely closed to prevent loss of sample should the soil bag/container rupture. Samples must be packed to prevent shifting in transport.

9. The shipping container should be labeled as “Regulated Material, Contains Soil” in a brightly colored ink, or request colored labels from the Laboratory.

10.Samples originating outside Nebraska must be sent by a bonded carrier. ‘Hand carry’ across state borders is not permitted without prior approval by a “special request”.

11.The address label should be addressed to Kevin Grooms, American Agricultural Lab, 700 West D Street, McCook, NE 69001. Soil must be shipped by themselves. No other test or sample type can be packaged with the soil samples.

12.Due to USDA/APHIS regulations, samples received without the proper paper work and packaging may be sterilized (destroyed) upon receipt, without analysis, at the client’s expense.

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