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     QTY      Sample Submittal Forms

    Coliform Bacteria














     QTY      Sample Containers

    Feed Sample Bag

    Leaf Sample Bag

    Manure Sample Bag

    Petiole Sample Bag

    Sample Bottle (1000 ml)

    Sample Bottle (250 ml)

    Sample Bottle (500 ml)

    Soil Sample Bag - Cloth

    Soil Sample Bag - Polylined

    Water Sample Bottle - Coliform Bacteria Only

    Water Sample Bottle - Heavy Metals Only

    Water Sample Bottle - Household Suitability Only

    Water Sample Bottle - Nitrates only

    Water Sample Kit - Complete Household Suitability

     QTY      Sample Shipping Supplies

    Boxes - Large (12x10x10)

    Boxes - Medium (12x10x4)

    Boxes - Small (6x6x4)

    Feed Sample Mailing Envelopes

    Preaddressed Mailing Labels

    Regulated Material Labels

    Regulated Nematode Labels

    Regulated Nematode Permit

    Liners and Ties

    UPS RS Labels - 10 Lbs

    UPS RS Labels - 30 Lbs

    USPS Business Reply Labels

     QTY      Miscellaneous

    Fee Schedule

     QTY      Soil Sample Equipment - *Probes are not refundable Price

    JMC Extension Rod - 13"$54.32

    JMC Extension Rod - 26"$61.52

    JMC Handle - Conventional$84.16

    JMC Handle - T-handle$84.46

    JMC Soil Probe - 18" Low Cost Sampler$51.72

    36" Low Cost Sampler with footpedal (all one piece)$90.62

    JMC Soil Probe - 36" No Step$76.47

    JMC Soil Probe - 41" (conventional handle and 15" dry sample tube)$175.21

    JMC Soil Probe - 41" (T-handle and 15" dry sample tube)$237.03

    JMC Soil Probe - Backsaver with 15" sample tube and special cleaner$547.32

    JMC Soil Probe - N-2 with 15" sample tube and special cleaner$227.84

    JMC Soil Sample Tube - 12" dry, takes 8" core$88.17

    JMC Soil Sample Tube - 12" wet, takes 8" core$91.05

    JMC Soil Sample Tube - 15" dry, takes 12" core$94.17

    JMC Soil Sample Tube - 15" wet, takes 12" core$88.17

    JMC Soil Sample Tube - 18" dry, takes 15" core$91.05

    JMC Soil Sample Tube - 18" wet, takes 15" core$94.17

    JMC Special Cleaner$74.26

    KHS Soil Probe 12" jaw type soil tube$200.00

    KHS Soil Probe 8" jaw type soil tube$190.00

    Oakfield 1 1/4" carbide tipped auger with threaded end$382.80

    Oakfield 1 1/4" non-carbide tipped auger with threaded end $268.48

    Oakfield Cleaning Brush - 22"$29.62

    Oakfield Extension Rod - 12"$33.44

    Oakfield Extension Rod - 30"$47.25

    Oakfield Footjack$34.24

    Oakfield Handle - hollow 12"$33.44

    Oakfield Handle - solid 12"$49.32

    Oakfield Soil Probe - 45" with hollow handle and 15" soil tube$161.31

    Oakfield Soil Probe - Model B 36" kit$170.50

    Oakfield Soil Probe - Model L 36" one piece$114.40

    Oakfield Soil Probe - Model LS 36" one piece with footpedal$128.70

    Oakfield Soil Probe Tip - dry/S-1$11.00

    Oakfield Soil Probe Tip - regular/S-2$11.00

    Oakfield Soil Probe Tip - wet/S-3$11.00

    Oakfield Soil Sample Tube - 12", takes 8" core$76.18

    Oakfield Soil Sample Tube - 15" heavy duty$96.50

    Oakfield Soil Sample Tube - 15", takes 12" core$80.62

    Oakfield Soil Sample Tube - 18", takes 15" core$82.89

     QTY      Hay Probe Equipment - *Probes are not refundable Price

    Colorado Hay Probe - Model 2000 push style with 18" tube and canister$279.00

    Colorado Hay Probe - Model 2004 drill style with 18" tube and canister$351.00

    HMC Hay Probe with 24" tube, alumimum plunger, and canister$380.00

    Oakfield Hay Brace$129.65

    Oakfield Hay Sampler with 18" tube and brace$267.21

    Oakfield Hay Sampler with 18" tube and hex adapter$171.60

    Oakfield Hex Adapter$29.39

    Oakfield serrated screw tip for Hay Sampler$24.24

     QTY      Miscellaneous Equipment - *Moisture Rods and Thermometers are not refundable Price

    Soil Moisture Rod 4'$35.00

    Soil Moisture Rod 6'$39.00

    Soil Thermometer pocket dial type$29.20

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