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Parasitic Nematode Analysis

Parasitic Nematode Testing for the Following Agronomic Crops:

Corn                                                  Cotton

Soybean                                           Peanut

Sugar Beet                                       Potato

Alfalfa                                               Turf


Nematodes Commonly Encountered:

Longidorus = Needle Nem.       

Ditylenchus = Stem

Xiphinema = Dagger

Tylenchorhynchus = Stunt

Hoplolaimus = Lance

Paratrichodorus = Stubby root

Rotylenchus = Reniform

Pratylenchus = Lesion

Helicotylenchus = Spiral

Criconemoides = RIng

Belonolaimus = Sting

Heterodera = cyst

Meloidogyne = Root Knot



Cost of Analysis:

            $55.00/Sample, regardless of the number of species found.


Typical Turnaround Time

          2-3 Days



Contact the lab prior to submitting nematode samples to obtain the required permit and packaging instructions.