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To ensure that your water supply is safe to drink, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services is recommending private water wells in flood areas be tested for Coliform Bacteria.  The NE DHHS News Release is available at

To assist those affected by the recent flooding, American Agricultural Laboratory in McCook, NE is offering a 10% discount off published water testing fees to those living in designated disaster areas.  American Ag Lab is certified by Nebraska DHHS for the testing of Coliform Bacteria and Nitrate-Nitrogen in water.

To request water test kits, call 308-345-3670, or order them at .  Thoroughly read the provided instructions prior to sampling.  Also, check on your shipping carrier’s transit times to ensure that samples will be received by the lab within 30 hours of sampling. We recommend sampling just prior to your shipper’s outgoing deadline.  Expedited shipping may be required, as samples received beyond the 30-hour regulation must be rejected.  Include Promo Code FLOOD2019 on the submittal form to receive the discounted pricing.

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