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AALIC – AmAgLab’s Internet Client

Our laboratory is continuously working towards delivering the best customer experience possible. We have designed, from the ground up, a new web-based customer portal to expedite data delivery and give our customers as much flexibility as possible.

The result is AALIC (American Agricultural Laboratory Internet Client): our company’s newest method of delivering up-to-date and accurate test data to our customers.

AALIC gives qualified users the ability to access all of their soil reports – on any platform with a web browser and internet access – following an initial short registration and verification process. AALIC also provides same day uploads immediately following approval by our experienced lab and agronomic personnel. Development is in progress to deliver reports for other sample types in the near future.

Here are a few highlights of what AALIC provides our customers:

Soil Data

AALIC allows you to view all of your soil data in a simple, intuitive manner with easy searching and sorting.

Soil Reports

View the same reports you receive from our lab in PDF form for easy viewing and sharing.

Recalculate Soil Recommendations

Easily generate new reports using existing soil data with recommendations based on our FertMaster – currently featuring over 150 approved crops.

User-Defined Recommendations

Some customers prefer to add their own fertilizer recommendations for delivery to their clients. Our Custom Soil Recommendation tool provides an easy way for you to add your own recommendations to our soil reports.